Committee for 2018

President: Bernadette Marks
Vice President: Mary Watson

Chairperson: John Harford
Vice Chairperson: Michael Connolly
Secretary: Madaleine Harford
Treasurer: Pat Thornton

Committee Members: Michael Burke, Matt Cullen, Kim Lake, Mary Maxwell, Marie McMahon,
George Mongey, Carole Morris, Ann O’Meara, Mary Watson.

Margaret Thorpe 1919 – 2012

We were all saddened when we lost our dear friend and President of our Society, Margaret Thorpe. Margaret served as President of the Society for 18 years, and her contribution over her lifetime membership was invaluable to us all. Her popularity extended far beyond Swords, as she warmly welcomed so many of our neighbouring Societies to our Annual Show every year. She will be sadly missed by us all, but will be remembered with great fondness. May she rest in peace.